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Explore our delicious cookie collection to find the perfect treat for your cravings. Every bite is carefully made, delivering a delightful mix of flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

Honey Oatmeal Raisin

Allergens: Eggs

Oatmeal Raisin

Allergens: Eggs, Almonds

Vegan Chocolate Chip

Allergens: Wheat, Flour, Almonds

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Allergens: Eggs

Honey Black Walnut

Allergens: Eggs, Tree Nuts

Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

Allergens: Eggs, Tree Nuts

Honey Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

Allergens: Eggs, Tree Nuts

Honey Oatmeal

Allergens: Eggs

Gift Selections

Indulge in Sweet Moments with Our Cookie Gift Selections

The Grands

Celebrate special occasions or show appreciation with our Grands Cookie Gift Basket. It’s a carefully curated selection brimming with love and joy. Perfect for birthdays, heartfelt gestures, or simply sharing happiness. This basket includes a delightful mix of (1/2 dozen cookies, a bath bomb, a mug, and chocolate treats).

Ken's Choice

Ken’s Choice isn’t just a cookie tin; it’s an embodiment of timeless delight. The classic apparel of this tin makes it an ideal gift for any event. Let the cookies in this tin do the talking- it contains a generous serving of 24 assorted  delicious cookies. 

A Gift to Remember - Alonte's Favorite

Make your special moments even sweeter with Alonte’ Favorite. Gift this cookie tin to your loved ones and witness the joy it brings to their faces. Trust Alonte’s selection for the ultimate cheer, featuring a tin packed with an assortment of 12 delightful cookies. 

Sip, Savor and Smile - Classic 4

Elevate your moments with our charming mug filled with an assortment of mouth-watering cookies. This set is designed to add sweetness to every sip. Enjoy this collection of 4 cookies paired with a delightful mug.

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What Our Clients Say

These are soooo good! My son and daughter absolutely love them.


Shout out to ABevMore. We definitely tasted LOVE. Many consumers don’t know exactly what’s in their food. Transparency is important she created a very yummy solution to a widespread problem.

– Dripp

These were outstanding cookies! cannot eat just one.

– Monica

General, Order, & Shipping faqs

At A Bev More, we strive to make your cookie experience the tastiest and freshest. All orders are shipped via FedEx and can take up to 5-7 days for delivery. 

General FAQs

Got questions about general FAQ’s. Check the information down below. 

How long does a normal delivery take?

At least 24-48 hours before shipping out then it’s based on delivery selected

Do you have any specials, coupons, or discounts?

1 free mystery flavor on all 1st time orders

Do all your products contain wheat/dairy/nuts or other allergens?

Wheat flour in the vegan cookie… Eggs in all oatmeal and if they have walnuts, it will be labeled.

Can I choose the mix of cookies?

Only 1 base flavor per dozen and only 1 variety, for example honey oatmeal and honey oatmeal CC …would be an option for 1 dozen… not more.

How fresh are the cookies?

All orders will be made and shipped within 48 hours of order.

How long will my cookies last?

We have eaten them without preserve for 1 month and still good after a quick 10 sec microwave…we don’t use preservatives.

How big are the cookies?

Standard cookie size.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Currently we do not offer a loyalty program.

Order Faqs

Got questions about the process on how to order your cookies. Check the information down below.

How can I add or modify my order?

Once an order is placed, then there can be no changes, the reason, the baking process begins. after they checkout, no they cannot modify after 1hr.

Can I pick up the order instead of having it shipped?

Currently we only offer this service in San Jose, California with pre-arranged location, date and time.

What payment methods do you accept?

Apple pay, Venmo, PayPal, credit cards.

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

It would be unfortunate to hear that you weren’t satisfied with our product. You will be fully credited the original amount on your next order.

Can I check the status of my order online?

At this time we do not provide tracking services for orders.  However once shipped you will receive your shipping information. 

Do you cater events?

We can make larger orders, only local catering in San Jose

Taxes for the state you send to?

Taxes will be based on the San Jose rates.

Can I order and send to multiple locations?


Shipping Faqs

Got questions about how our cookies are shipped, where we deliver or how long shipping takes? We’ve got you.

How are my cookies shipped, and when can I expect them?

Currently, we use UPS, USPS and/or  FexEx, expectant time is in accordance with their standard shipping times

What is the shipping order minimum?

1 Dozen

How much is shipping?

How much is shipping: Shipping rates depend on the amount of cookies ordered and shipping location.

Do you ship to APO? /FPO addresses?


I entered the wrong shipping address. What should I do?

Once shipped cannot be modified.

At the core of A Bev More is Beverly Walker’s unwavering love and culinary expertise, along with her daughter April Walker entrepreneurial journey. Beverly’s guidance didn’t just flavor April’s upbringing; it shaped her character profoundly.

Recalling her upbringing, April affectionately notes, “My mother’s love shaped who I am today.”

In the evolution of A Bev More Cookies, Beverly’s influence remains profound. Collaborating closely, they curate recipes, craft batches, and package each cookie, infusing every treat with generational love and shared passion.

This partnership harmonizes Beverly’s culinary wisdom with April’s determined spirit inherited from her father, birthing a brand rooted in tradition, love, and a commitment to crafting allergy-friendly delights without sacrificing flavor.

Join April and Beverly in savoring these creations, embodying a legacy of love, dedication, and the fusion of culinary expertise and entrepreneurial drive.

– April Walker

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